About Peter

Peter Vanham (@petervanham) is a business journalist and entrepreneur, currently living and working in New York. He published in the business pages of newspapers such as the Financial Times, Die Handelszeitung, De Tijd, and the Philadelphia Inquirer.  He has an MA in business journalism from Columbia’s  School of Journalism and an MS in commercial engineering from the University of Leuven. He worked as a management consultant at Bain & Company for 2 years and speaks 6 languages, among which French, German and Dutch.

Peter on a bike trip in Maastricht, the Netherlands

Peter has written for newspapers and magazines all over Europe and the US: the  Financial Times in London, UK, the Philadelphia Inquirer and Business Insider in the US, Die Handelszeitung, in Switzerland, L’Echo, De Tijd, La Libre Belgique, De Standaard, Het Laatste Nieuws and Trends in Belgium and Financieel Dagblad in the Netherlands. Additionally, he has been featured in or interviewed by Belgian stations VTM, Een, Radio 1, Studio Brussel, FM BrusselRTV and RingTV(You can find selected articles by clicking on the menu above.)

For his work, he received honorary grants and scholarships from the Fulbright Foundation, the King Baudouin Foundationand The Pascal Decroos fund for Investigative Journalism

Before becoming a journalist, Peter worked as a management consultant at Bain & Company (2009-2011). There, he analyzed clients’ financial and operational performance and advised them in their change management. He also worked on a worldwide assessment of future trends in the consumer market, digging into the consumption patterns of countries like Brazil, China and India.  Finally, he was part of 2 ‘due diligence’ teams that assessed the financial viability of selected target companies.

Peter got an MA degree in Business and Economics at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. Before that, he obtained a Master’s degree in commercial engineering at the University of Leuven. He combined a major in economics, business and accounting with a minor in math and sciences.

During and his studies, Peter spent abroad semesters in Italy, France and Germany. Other than English, Peter speaks Dutch, French and German and has a proficiency level in Spanish and Italian.

In his spare time, Peter likes to ride his race bicycle, a passion he’s had since he was 12. He’s undertaken several bike trips through Europe, such as the Brussels-Copenhagen climate trip, the UN Lake of Geneva trip, the Greece-to-Turkey trip and the Route du Soleil trip to Southern France. You can find a video and a blog of his Copenhagen trip here and here.

Next to his full time activities, Peter is also involved as a social entrepreneur in the Bello Belgo organization. In collaboration with NGO ‘Embajadores Communitarios’, Bello Belgo set up the ‘Embajadas Communitarias’ project to help high school studens in the slums of Caracas become agents for change in their society. Their project is supported by the foundation of French oil company Total and by the Flemish NGO Zuiddag.

Writing and presenting business plans, Peter won the European Commission’s ‘Hope for Innovation’ award (2nd prize), Luxemburg’s Chamber of Commerce award for business plans and ING’s Start Academy in Belgium. As a diplomatic representative, Peter won individual and group diplomacy awards from Harvard University’ World Model of United Nations (MUN, 2008-2009) and Oxford University’s International MUN (2008). The awards were given based on the ability to speak in public, represent the spirit of international collaboration and write, edit and successfully defend consensus texts for a diplomatic corps of students. After leaving the delegation as a representative, he served as a faculty advisor the MUN Society Belgium for 3 years.


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