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Bart Dewever geeft elke Vlaming een gratis pakje friet

Geeft Bart Dewever ons allemaal een gratis “frietje” binnenkort? En is Zwitserland boos om een campagnefilmpje van Amerikaanse president Obama? Advertisements

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On Mitt Romney, private equity and the US

Today, the Belgian financial newspaper published an op ed of mine about Mitt Romney. It showed how someone like Romney, who spent most of his life in consulting and private equity, probably looks at the world from another perspective than … Continue reading

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OP ED Why you shouldn’t attack Mitt Romney on Bain

UPDATE – The Wall Street Journal published an excerpt of the op ed today – As a former Bain & Company employee, I observed with increasing astonishment the harsh attacks on presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s past as Bain executive. While … Continue reading

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OP ED: Erasmus, more than an extended summer camp, the best way to achieve European oneness

Here’s an original idea to consolidate European integration: make the Head of State of one country marry the heir of another country. And if the first heir dies, then make him marry her sister. In an effort to consolidate their … Continue reading

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“Nie wieder” – Why I believe Germany won’t let the euro fail

It was a beautiful spring day in 2009, and I decided to go for a bike ride in Heidelberg, Germany. When I came back and passed by the city hall, I found myself pleasantly surprised:  Chancelor Merkel had just started … Continue reading

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