L’Echo / De Tijd

Here you will find my stories for De Tijd and L’Echo. They are Belgium’s equivalents of The Financial Times or The Wall Street Journal: the country’s financial daily newspapers. De Tijd is written in Dutch, and L’Echo in French. I wrote for both of them on a free lance basis from 2009 to 2011, and continue to write op-eds from time to time.

Below you’ll find all articles, in both Dutch and French. Dutch articles are marked with the blue ‘De Tijd’ logo, French articles with the red ‘L’Echo’ logo. 

“Durfkapitalist Romney hoeft geen knuffels”, , a February 2012 op-ed on why the Republicans should elect Mitt Romney as their candidate for the Presidential elections [which they have, red]

Onbeminde Anatolische Tijger, analysis of Turkey as a growing market for consumers and investors. Part of a series on migration sponsored  by the King Albert Fund